Top 5 Best High Chairs in 2019 Reviews

Feeding a baby is one of the toughest jobs in the world. They will create so much mess and you have to spend enough time to feed them. To avoid the mess and feed your baby conveniently, you should always use a high chair. A high chair comes with an extra height from the ground which allows the parents to feed conveniently with a spoon.

Because of the popularity of this item, different brands are delivering high chairs and there is an extensive collection. Picking the right one within your budget can be tricky. To help you in the decision making, I am going to give the list of best high chairs of 2019. Also, you will get the buying instruction to know which features you should care when finalizing a product.

How to Choose the Best High Chair?

Before picking a high chair for your baby, you should consider the following buying instructions.

Types of the High Chair: The first thing consideration for a high chair is its type. There is a wide range of types for high chairs which are the wooden high chair, Metal frame high chair, Booster Feeding Chair, and more. You need to identify which one suits your requirements most.

Capacity: Capacity of a high chair wouldn’t be the same for all products. Some are suitable for up to 3 years old and some are only up to 1 year old. If you want to use the chair for a long time, it should come with the capacity to hold the kid at least up to 3 years old.

Safety: Safety of a high chair is a big issue. There should be enough support for the full body. Especially, if you are buying the chair for the newborn baby to 6 months old babies. They are sensitive and need head and neck support.

Comfort: Never compromise with the comfort of the chair. Kids always love to stay comfortable when eating. Without the proper seating arrangement, it would be very difficult for you to feed your baby. The seat should be padded and must have air passing system.


Our Top 5 Best High Chairs Picks

#5. Graco DuoDiner Metropolis High Chair (LX Baby)

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Buying only a high chair is sometimes not enough. Alternatively, you can order a different combination of seating styles. If you want to use the high chair of your baby as a booster too, this DuoDiner Metropolis High Chair from the popular brand Graco would be a wise decision. This unit comes with the 3-in-1 feature and saves your money. You can adapt the chair according to the age of your baby.

This is a space saver which requires minimal space for the installation. Also, you can easily convert the chair into a booster in one step. There is enough support for the whole body of your kid. Particularly, this item ensures the best support for head and neck with a soft strap and padded back.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • There are three different features in a single product
  • It comes with the top grade materials for the durability
  • Wheels on the base to move the chair with less effort
  • Fully-featured toddler booster for your convenience
  • Convertible 3 & 5-point harness keeps baby secured
  • Heavy duty construction for longevity
  • Doesn’t require any additional tool
  • Foldable design for storage
  • Larger tray with glass holder
  • One hand removal tray which is dishwasher safe
  • Its price is a little bit higher than the conventional high chairs

#4. Graco Zuba Simpleswitch High Chair & Booster

Best High Chairs

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Struggling to select the best budget-friendly high chair for your baby? Well, probably you are checking most of the products with additional features. But those features may not be required for you. In that case, you should buy a basic high chair with the essential features. Graco Zuba Simpleswitch is one of the best high chairs which comes with an affordable price.

There is no hassle in transport or storing the chair after usages. It comes in a portable style which allows you to fold with a single step. The seating arrangement is pretty good that your kids will like it for sure. There are straps on the back which ensures safety.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • There are 3 reclining positions available in this chair
  • The seat is padded and highly comfortable
  • The seat cover is machine washable to clean from the deep
  • Larger tray in the chair for dinner time
  • The high chair can take load up to 37 pounds
  • Convertible into a booster easily
  • Durability is guaranteed
  • Suitable to use for a regular basis
  • 60 pounds weight capacity for the booster
  • Leg, head, neck support for the baby
  • Easy to remove the tray
  • Extra storage under the seat
  • There are no wheels on the base for transport
  • Tray doesn’t contain any glass or water pot holder

This is a basic designed high chair which is the best for money.

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#3. Evenflo Dottie Lime High Chair (Convertible)

Best High Chairs

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If you are looking for the best high chair for small spaces, this item could be the best choice. Also, if you are in a tight budget, you will like this item for sure. There are 4 different features available in this high chair. You can use it as a high chair for feeding, as a table, as a chair for baby’s rest. It will save you money. If your baby grows up, you can use it as a pair of table and chair.

The main frame comes with the metal build for the durability. There is rubber on the legs of the chair to avoid any scratch on the floor. When you are using this item as a high chair, you will get extra space under the seat for storage. The seat ensures the comfort and safety of your baby.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Four different features in a single product
  • Can be converted into a table when the kid grows up
  • Provides full support for the head and neck
  • Comes with straps on the back for the safety
  • Price is affordable for all
  • Available in two different fashions
  • Padded seat for the comfort of babies
  • Requires minimal space for storing
  • Doesn’t cause a scratch on the floor
  • Best high chair for small baby
  • No water pot holder on the tray
  • It is not a portable high chair

With very little investment, you will get lots of features in this high chair. To save some money, you can order this item.

#2. Graco Sapphire Blossom High Chair (6-in-1)

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You don’t care about money when you are getting the best from your spending? Then I would strongly recommend you to buy this Graco Sapphire Blossom High Chair which comes with 6 different features in a single item. This chair is convertible into an infant high chair with recline, traditional high chair, infant booster, toddler booster, youth chair, and seat two kids at once. It will fulfill all your requirements.

The chair is highly comfortable that makes the kid very happy. When you have two kids at home, you can convert into two chairs to feed them together. Moreover, recline positioning helps to get the perfect seating position for the kid. You can also adjust the height of the chair according to kids’ requirements.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Adjustable and removable seat back insert
  • Lots of features in a single products
  • Can use the chair to feed two kids at a time
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures the durability
  • Pull out and dishwasher safe one-hand removable tray
  • Wide space on the tray
  • Water pot storage
  • Straps on the back for the safety
  • Padded seat to keep the baby comfortable
  • The high chair can take up to 40 lbs. of weight
  • It is not a lightweight high chair
  • The price of the item is higher than the average price of a high chair

Though it seems that the product is expensive, you will like it once received. All the additional features are useful for the parents.

#1. Boon Flair Highchair

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By: Boon

Are you looking for small high chairs for babies? Do you have a good budget to buy a new high chair? Then you can check the features of this Boon high chair. It is produced in a compact size which is easy to store and moveable to anywhere with less effort. It will easily fit under the table with a pedestal base.

Safety is guaranteed with this item as it comes with straps on the back and 5 point harness. Padded back and seat provide good support to keep the balance of the body. The base is extremely strong that you can use it for heavier kids. Besides, there is less hassle in the cleaning. You can remove the top to clean its below area.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It is a heavy duty high chair for the kids
  • Glides smoothly in all directions for the convenience
  • Six urethane casters to protect floors from getting scratches
  • A care-clean restraint system for the cleaning
  • Compact size for easy transport
  • It lasts longer than any products
  • Suitable to install within a small area
  • Suitable up to 4 years old
  • One tray liner included
  • Five-point harness for safety
  • Price is pretty higher than any other products
  • There are no wheels on the base for transport

As you can use the chair up to 4 years old, you can spend money on this product though it is a little bit expensive.

Final Verdict

It is tough to sort out the best high chairs from an extensive collection. But our expert team has selected the products based on parents’ opinion and the top feature. There are both expensive and inexpensive products in the above list. You have to finalize, which one will be the best for you. However, never compromise with the quality over price.

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